Terms & Conditions

Down Payments: No Fault Cancellation applies

  • $500.00 or the full rental price if it is less than $500 which in that case the down payment is the full rental price. The down payment goes toward your rental fee when you arrive.
  • Multiple day rentals, Down Payment Fee 50% of the full rental rate.
  • If your reservation is made with less than 14 days prior to the rental date 100% of full payment is due at time of reservation.

Boat Rental Cancellation Policy;  TFN: No Fault Cancellation Applies To All Reservations

Cancel anytime for any reason and receive your confirmed down payment back less 6%. Refunds may take 6-10 days to be applied back to your account.
Boat Party Package Down Payment: No Fault Cancellation applies
$500/boat  Balance due on reservation date
Driver fee $45/hr. Paid separately in cash to driver at time of departure
Cruiser Charter Advance Reservation Fee: No Fault Cancellation applies
  • Cruiser Charter & Regal Cutty Cabin 25′ Advance Reservation Fee is 50% of the Charter Rate. This fee goes toward your charter fee when you arrive.
  • Driver Fee is separate $45/hr. paid separately in cash to the boat driver at the time of departure.

Cruiser Charter & Regal 25′ Cancellation Policy: No Fault Cancellation applies

Damage Deposits:

  • A pre-approval for $400.00 for all vessels is applied to the credit card at check in.  Upon return of the watercraft with no damage the preapproval is removed from the card.
  • No Damage deposit is required if using a driver from the driver pool 

Super Fun Mat:

  • if water toys are damaged in any way, the renter will be charged $300.00 and the damaged toy may become the renter’s property.


  • We reserve the right to substitute vessels or refund in the event a reserved boat is unavailable due to unforeseen damages or mechanical failure. We will make every effort to contact you in the event your boat becomes unavailable or a substitution is necessary.

Age Limits:

Captain/Boat Driver Services:

  • As per the U.S. Coast Guard regulations, a “Six Pack” Capt. may take up to 6 passengers for pay. $55/hr.
  • For 7-12 passengers a Master Captain is required. $75/hr.
  • Boat Driver Service Rate $45.00/hr. Boat Drivers are independent contractors paid directly by the customer at the beginning of the voyage. 
  • Gratuities are customary for good service. ($10-$30 per guest per day is what people usually tip) 
  • Please arrange for a driver as far in advance as possible.
LOTO Boat Rental assumes no liability for Driver and Captain services.  The Boat Drivers and Captains work directly for the customer as the customer/renters employee. LOTO Boat rental is not responsible for behavour of the boat drivers or Captains.  We make every effort to vet the persons prior to the customer hiring them. Please do not offer drinks or alcohol to the boat drivers.Thank you have a great time on your trip!  Over 25,000 guests have.