Terms & Conditions

Down Payments: No Fault Cancellation applies

  • $500.00 or the full rental price if it is less than $500 which in that case the down payment is the full rental price. The down payment goes toward your rental fee when you arrive.
  •  For multiple day rentals, down Payment Fee is 50% of the full rental rate.
  • If your reservation is made with less than 14 days prior to the rental date 100% of full payment is due at time of reservation.

Boat Rental Cancellation Policy;  TFN: No Fault Cancellation Applies To All Reservations

Cancel anytime for any reason and receive your confirmed down payment back less 6%. Refunds may take 6-10 days to be applied back to your account.
Boat Party Package Down Payment: No Fault Cancellation applies
$500/boat  Balance due on reservation date
Driver fee $40/hr. Paid separately in cash to driver at time of departure
Cruiser Charter Advance Reservation Fee: No Fault Cancellation applies
  • Cruiser Charter Advance Reservation Fee is 50% of the Charter Rate. This fee goes toward your charter fee when you arrive.

Cruiser Charter Cancellation Policy: No Fault Cancellation applies
Damage Deposit:

  • A pre-approval for $300.00 for 115 hp boats and $400 for 150 hp boats  is applied to the credit card at check in.  Upon return of the watercraft with no damage the preapproval is removed from the card.
  • No Damage deposit is required if using a driver from the driver pool

Super Fun Mat:

  • if water toys are damaged in any way, the renter will be charged $300.00 and the damaged toy may become the renter’s property.


  • We reserve the right to substitute vessels or refund in the event a reserved boat is unavailable due to unforeseen damages or mechanical failure. We will make every effort to contact you in the event your boat becomes unavailable or a substitution is necessary.

Age Limits:

  • Must be 18 to rent any watercraft, must be 18 to drive any watercraft.
  • Boater Safety Course Required for persons born after Jan. 1, 1984. Take the Course Online Here:  Missouri Boater Safety Course

Captain/Boat Driver Services:

  • As per the U.S. Coast Guard regulations, a “Six Pack” Capt. may take up to 6 passengers for pay.
  • For 7-12 passengers a Master Captain is required.
  • Boat Driver Service Rate $40.00/hr. Boat Drivers are independent contractors paid directly by the customer at the beginning of the voyage. Gratuities are customary. Please arrange for a driver as far in advance as possible.